Responsive websites for smartphones and tablets

We create innovative and professional responsive websites for you at fair and favourable conditions, which are characterized by a modern design and a high user-friendliness. We design the individual themes for dynamic and static websites with a high-quality internet presence for your company. Through almost 40 years of advertising experience and numerous successful web design projects, we have the right ideas and solutions for almost all requirements in petto. The creation of CMS based websites is the focus of our daily job. Rely on our many years of experience in the creation of responsive websites with CMS.

Content Management System (CMS)

The Content Management System is intended for the administration of „website content“ for our customers. This includes the administration of articles, images, advertising banners, blocs and news. The CMS covers all important functions, such as creating a new page or inserting content with images. In the past, only users with programming know-how could maintain a website. Nowadays, the maintenance of a website is shared by different editorial staff members and the webmaster only takes care of the technical work and adjustments.
Year of publication: 2003
CMS market leader: Every 4th page runs on WordPress
Technology: (language and database): PHP, MySQL

Landing Pages for maximum success

For successful marketing campaigns, professionally created websites and SEO landing pages on the Internet are absolutely necessary and have become indispensable. A landing page captures the viewer, arouses and reinforces his interest, usually with a focus on a service or product, and is intended to get him to carry out a desired action. A landing page is optimized for the target group, its information content and at least one keyword and is usually linked via Google AdWords. Search engine optimized landing pages provide important strategy figures and, in contrast to print media, offer the more efficient possibilities for flexible adjustment in case of changes in prices, products and services. Particularly successful landing pages today usually contain videos or 360° tour panoramas or 360° photography.